My name is Olga Bondarchuk. I am a makeup artist, portrait photographer & retoucher.
I specialize in creating a complete image, ranging from makeup & hairstyle and ending with a ready-made retouched frame. Of course I am open to cooperating with representatives of the beauty and photography industry.

I like creating clean polished photography, as well as creative and bold imagery.

Becoming a makeup artist was been my dream for many years.

I started capturing my own beauty images and showing them to my subscribers and thus photography appeared in my life.

I was born and raised in Estonia, Tallinn. Here I got my education in economics. But in 2016 I went back to study at the school of professional makeup artist “Glow International Makeup School” and my life changed cordially. I plunged into the world of beauty, femininity, cosmetics, creativity, art.

In 2020 I have already completed professional retouching courses for advanced retouchers in technique HIEND. All the photos that you see in my portfolio were photographed and retouched by me.

I love my job as a makeup & hairstyle artist, but I always make time for additional art projects, it fiells me up inspiration.

I’ll be extremely happy to create and capture your unforgettable imagery!

If you are a representative of a cosmetics or jewelry brand and want to cooperate with me, you can feel free to contact me.

You can always reach out to me at any social media as well as via email:


Education and Courses:

2019 Online, Elena Motinova – Global Makeup Artist, Wedding story, 9h;

2019 Online Master class Roman Ponomarev “Sexy Glow and Poni star makeup”, 8h;

2018 Tallinn, Svetlana Novikova workshop “Bridal Stylist”, 3 days;

2018 Tallinn, Denis Kartashev, Fashion Make-up, Face Art master class;

2018 Tallinn, Anastassia Voevodina, Commercial & Fashion Make-up;

2017 Tallinn, Olga Fox master course «Pure Beauty»;
2017 Tallinn, course by Olga Tomina “Commercial Makeup” ;
2017 Tallinn, Natalia Shik master-class “Be inspired»;

2016 GLOW International Make-Up School (Estonia), “Beauty Make-Up», 60-hour course;
2016 GLOW International Make-Up School (Estonia), «Contemporary Fashion Make Up», 70-hour course;
2016 Tallinn,  Anastassia Makeeva  master course «Work with Pigments»

Other Education:

2019  “Современные техники создания актуальных причесок” Тоня Пушкарева, Москва, онлайн курс, 9ч.

2018 “Brow-Master” start course by Valentina Ljas, 2 days, Tallinn

2018   “Управление волосами, воздушные прически и текстуры” Надежда Борисова, Makeup Trand, Москва, онлайн курс;

2017  «Perfect Eyebrows with Brow Henna», Sophie Training centre, Estonia, Tallinn;
2017  “Perfect Eyebrows Modeling «, Sophie Training centre, Estonia, Tallinn;
2017  “Perfect Eyebrows Symmetry with Brow Paste «, Sophie Training centre, Estonia, Tallinn;
2017 «Perfect Portfolio», Sophie Training centre, Estonia, Tallinn